Go Satellite F.A.Q.

A: If receiving UK free to air programming, BBC 1, ITV etc. the signal is ‘aimed’ at the UK, and as we are over 1200 miles from where the signal is being sent, a larger dish is required. Size of dish required will depend on location in Costa Blanca or Costa Calida.

A: Main two types of dish are offset & prime focus.

Offset dishes are slightly oval in appearance & prime focus are perfectly round. Performance wise most larger dishes perform better as prime focus. Panelled or segmented panel dishes are available, these do not perform well in Spain in comparison to previous dishes mentioned.

Aside from the main types of dish, there are also different qualities of dish – Thinner dishes do not perform as well in bad conditions as they ‘wobble’ during high winds which will cause signal loss. Additionally different mounting types can affect the performance of the signal. A sturdy bracket for the appropriate dish type is essential to stop the dish moving in storms or high winds.

A: This will depend on your location and what channels you would like to receive.

A: Average expentancy for a satellite dish in Spain is around 10 years. LNB’s usually last 5-7 years.

A: Any generic satellite receiver / Sky box, Freesat, FTA & Free to air receivers – not Freeview as this will work on on terrestrial antenna (no dish) in Spain.  Satellite receivers are available with a number of different options, including HD, recording, twin tuner etc.

A: Whilst you will get most of the channels, you will not get all the channels 24/7 as you would in the UK. Most channels BBC1, ITV etc you will get on the correctly sized dish for your location. You will receive 95% of the content you would get in the UK.

A: Low Noise Blocker. This is the receptive element in the centre of the satellite dish. This is a highly important part of a satellite system as the wrong choice / budget or unsuitable LNB will reduce the performance of the dish 10% – 15% in comparison a top specification LNB.

In Costa Blanca & Calida, using offset dishes, currently we recommend Inverto Black Ultra single output or Smart Titanium. With prime focus dishes, we recommend the Invacom C120 dual output.

Differences in the LNB’s supplied can affect the signal received by the satellite dish by 5% – 10% so using the right LNB in a location with fringe reception, is important.

A: All satellite systems are now configured to receive HD. You will require an high definition satellite receiver and HD TV. Free to air channels available include BBC HD, BBC1 HD, 2HD, 3HD, ITV 1 HD & 4HD.

Even if you have a standard definition TV / satellite receiver currently, you can simply upgrade to HD later with change of satellite receiver. No further change to dish or LNB required.

A: Most satellite receivers offer an optical output which will link to a surround sound amplifier. This will allow Dolby Digital 5.1 & 7.1 sound in original format. This is only available with satellite system.

A: A satellite service is in the original format as sent out by the broadcaster, complete with digital sound & picture and will allow you all the same services as you would get in the UK.

A rebroadcast service offers a ‘resent’ satellite signal which has been converted to a lower quality format and sent out via microwave distribution, No HD, dolby sound and limited channel selection. This service is usually charged at a monthly subscription fee of €20+ per month, using a direct from satellite dish requires no monthly subscription fee for free to air / FTA television  – BBC, ITV.

A: Direct from satellite will allow you to get 100’s of digital English language channels – in the original format – standard or high definition. As the service is direct from satellite, you do not need to pay a third party service provider from free to air television
You also have further options of adding other content including family, films, sports channels & premium content channels.

A: Yes – you can share 2,3 4 neighbours, an entire street or expand up to an entire community from a single dish, with no loss of signal to any connected individual.